Christian Healthcare Ministries: The affordable, biblical solution to healthcare costs

Your healthcare.
Your family's healthcare.
You can afford it.

Christian Healthcare Ministries

(CHM) is an affordable, faith-based solution for Christians to the problems of rising health care costs and expensive health insurance policies.

An eligible option under the national healthcare law, CHM is thousands of Christians united in sharing each other's medical bills. In the past 20 years, members of this nonprofit ministry have shared more than $1 billion in healthcare costs. Learn more...

Advantages of joining

  • Affordable and compassionate
  • No application fee or annual fee
  • No waiting period
  • Generous maternity program
  • No physical required
  • Choose your own health care providers
  • No one is dropped or denied participation due to medical conditions
  • The great joy that comes from giving, knowing that each gift goes to help a fellow Christian in need and knowing that other Christians are faithfully standing by to help you! (Luke 6:38)

Click "Donate" to make a charitable contribution to CHM. One hundred percent of charitable contributions goes toward Christians' medical bills.
Notice for members: This is not your monthly financial gift. Use this button for extra giving over and above your monthly gift.


CHM on Fox News     Share it on Facebook Tweet it

Christian Healthcare Ministries was featured on The Mike Huckabee Show on the Fox News network. Click on the video above to watch the interview.

How to be a member - free!

Receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of free participation by telling others about us. Learn more