Brother's Keeper: CHM's Catastrophic Bills Program

Brother’s Keeper is your safeguard against catastrophic illness or injury. Brother’s Keeper is a low-cost, Bible-inspired program enabling CHM participants to meet medical needs that exceed the $125,000 limit per illness specified in the CHM Guidelines (click here to get our Info Pack containing the Guidelines or visit the Member Portal).

Gold level members: Signing up for Brother’s Keeper provides unlimited cost support per illness (diagnosis).

Silver and Bronze members: Signing up for Brother’s Keeper provides an additional $100,000 of cost support. With each annual Brother’s Keeper renewal, participants receive an additional $100,000 of assistance, up to $1 million per illness.

For medical needs exceeding $125,000, Brother’s Keeper members send a quarterly designated gift amount (average amount: $25 per membership unit) to the CHM office, where it is deposited in an audited escrow account. There also is a $40 annual fee per membership.

Members receive a quarterly Brother’s Keeper letter containing a list of medical needs exceeding $125,000. Members are asked to send cards and letters of encouragement to listed individuals.

To join Brother’s Keeper, check the box on the CHM Member Application. If you are already a CHM member and want to join Brother's Keeper, please call our Member Assistance department at 1-800-791-6225.