Christian Healthcare Ministries: Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What people say about CHM

We can never thank Christian Healthcare Ministries enough for helping us with our medical needs. We like to tell everyone we know how good God and Christian Healthcare Ministries have been to us. That is what Christians are supposed to do – join together and help each other. -Billy & Patricia Cox, Conway, SC

Christian Healthcare Ministries helped us get large reductions on our medical bills and now all the bills are paid. Praise the Lord! CHM is truly a blessing in our lives. In the past, insurance companies presented us with high rates or refused Helen as a policyholder. We thought we were stuck, but God provided CHM. We are so thankful. -Ralph & Helen Schaafsma, Bradford, OH; $24,019 need met

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What is Christian Healthcare Ministries?

How does CHM work?

What are the advantages of becoming a CHM member?

Is Christian Healthcare Ministries included in the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare?


Questions about submitting medical bills


What does it mean when you say "share medical bills" or "meet needs"?

What kinds of bills are eligible for sharing?

Are maternity bills eligible for sharing?

What is a pre-existing condition? Are bills from my pre-existing condition eligible for sharing?

What is the maximum amount that CHM will share for a need?

How long does it take CHM to share my medical costs?

How do I submit a medical need to CHM?

When I have a medical need, how do I know the amount for which I'm responsible?

Can I choose my own health care provider?


Questions about participation & cost


How much does it cost to participate in CHM? Does CHM have different service levels from which I can choose?

How frequently are monthly gift amounts raised?

Are my financial gifts tax deductible?

Where do I send my monthly gift?


Questions about becoming a member


Do I qualify? How can I join?

Will my application be turned down for health reasons?

I have Medicare. Can I still be a member?

I don't live in the United States. Can I still be a member?

How long is my waiting period?

What are units and how do they work?


Questions about telling others about CHM


What is Bring-a-Friend?

What is Acts: Now!?

Where can I find advice on sharing CHM with my Christian friends and family members?


Miscellaneous questions


How does CHM help support its members spiritually?

Do you have a prescription program? How does it work?

Why do you have legal notices?

What kinds of controls are in place to make sure that CHM operates with integrity and accountability?

Do you have a privacy policy?

What is the Prayer Page?

What is the Brother's Keeper program?


Still have questions?


Ask a question online or contact us toll-free at 1-800-791-6225 and ask for the Ministry Information department. Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-Noon; 12:30-5pm (Eastern time)