10 reasons to join or switch to CHM's Gold program

Editor’s note: This information was published in the November 2018 issue of Heartfelt Magazine, CHM’s monthly magazine that provides CHM membership-related tips and tricks, medical advice from doctors, testimonies from CHM members, and more. Please refer to the CHM Guidelines and applicable web pages for the most up-to-date information regarding CHM membership, sharing eligibility, and ministry news.

Our bills were over $70,000 after gallbladder surgery and complications. With CHM’s help we negotiated discounts and everything was eligible for sharing under the Gold program! We highly recommend Gold with Brother’s Keeper—what a wonderful way to help one another. –Members Gaylord and Charlene Friesen, Buhl, Idaho

Gold members receive CHM’s highest level of health cost support. That’s why in 2017 over 60 percent of CHM members were Gold. Another plus is that the $150 per unit monthly giving amount ($450 for a family of three or more) hasn’t changed in more than 10 years.

Here are 10 more reasons to take advantage of this golden opportunity:

1. Gold includes incident-related doctor’s office visits.

Medical incident-related bills from doctor’s office visits are eligible for sharing. (In the Silver and Bronze programs only hospital bills are eligible.) An incident includes medical treatment or testing that lasts until one of the following occurs: 1) the medical condition is cured according to official medical records; 2) treatment is at a routine maintenance level; or 3) you experience 90 days without any kind of treatment for that particular condition. See Guideline G.

2. Gold includes incident-related prescriptions.

Non-maintenance prescriptions written as the result of a medical incident (as defined above) are eligible for sharing. See Guidelines G and T.

3. Diagnostic testing bills are eligible for sharing.

Testing ordered by your doctor and conducted at a clinic or standalone facility—as well as tests done in a doctor’s office or hospital—are eligible under the Gold program. See Guideline G.

4. Gold members pay fewer out-of-pocket expenses.

CHM shares 100 percent of bills for any medical incident exceeding $500 (before discounts) as long as all other Guidelines are met. In contrast, Silver and Bronze have personal responsibility amounts of $1,000 and $5,000 per incident, respectively. See Guideline G.

5. CHM offers a generous maternity program for Gold members.

The Gold program is highly recommended for women who may become pregnant. Maternity expenses are eligible for sharing after reaching $500 per pregnancy. CHM shares bills for pre-natal care; delivery (including C-section and multiple births); home births; midwives; and post-natal care (up to six weeks) and complications (mother and baby). The mother must be a Gold member at least 300 days before the doctor’s estimated due date. For Silver and Bronze members, only maternity expenses incurred as a hospital patient are eligible for sharing. (Silver also includes up to $2,500 in midwife fees.) See Guideline R and the free Gold program maternity guide.

6. Unlimited sharing support is available through Brother’s Keeper.

If your medical bills exceed CHM’s $125,000 per-illness sharing limit, Brother’s Keeper offers unlimited financial assistance for Gold members. Your eligible bills can be shared no matter how expensive they become! Silver and Bronze members have limited provision through Brother’s Keeper on an accruing annual basis. See Guideline Y.

7. Gold members have extra help with pre-existing conditions.

Though cost sharing support for pre-existing conditions is available through all three programs, Gold members receive expedited sharing through an annual schedule:

  • Up to $15,000 in the first year of membership.
  • An additional $10,000 in the second year (total of $25,000 in the first two years).
  • Another $25,000 in the third year (for a three-year total of $50,000).
  • After your third year of membership, the condition is no longer considered pre-existing.

Medical bills exceeding these limits may be eligible for listing in Heartfelt Magazine’s Prayer Page; all CHM members are encouraged to make donations towards Prayer Page needs. Some additional rules apply; see Guidelines Z and AA for the ministry’s complete policy on pre-existing conditions.

8. Gold includes up to 45 physical therapy and home healthcare visits.

Therapy must be ordered by a medical doctor—or a physician’s assistant under a medical doctor’s supervision—and must be performed by a licensed therapist. See Guideline N.4.

9. Bills for ambulance transportation may qualify for sharing.

For Gold members only, bills for medical transportation are eligible for sharing when: 1) you are transferred from one medical facility to another; 2) you are in a life-threatening situation; and 3) you’re transferred to the nearest hospital because the initial facility cannot adequately care for you. (CHM cannot share bills incurred for transportation from the site of your emergency to a medical facility.) See Guideline U.

10. Bills for medical equipment may qualify for sharing.

For Gold members, a lifetime limit of up to $4,000 of the cost of medical equipment prescribed by a doctor is eligible for sharing. The equipment must be necessary to sustain life and includes items such as sleep apnea equipment; aerosol machines; defibrillators; insulin pumps; and oxygen supply/generators. This provision doesn’t apply to Silver and Bronze members. See Guideline V.

If you’re not a Gold member, please analyze your health situation—and what it might be in the future—to see if it’s time to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

Editor’s note: Any medical bills incurred before making a switch to Gold from Silver or Bronze will be authorized for sharing at the lower participation level. For more info, see Guidelines J.4 and Z.1.

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