separation-anxiety-disorder.jpg Healthwatch: Is it separation anxiety disorder or just “first-day jitters”?

Anxiousness, combined with being apart from parents and familiar surroundings for the first time, is normal and expected. Dr. Jacobson addresses how to ease anxiety and first-day jitters about school.

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healthwatch-fear-or-anxiety.jpg Healthwatch: Is it fear or anxiety?

As you address anxiety in your life, it’s helpful to know what exactly you’re dealing with. Is it anxiety or fear? Dr. Jacobson addresses distinctions and gives helpful tips on how to deal with anxiety and fear as a Christian.

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Healthwatch_anxiety.jpg Healthwatch: What if I feel anxious, but don't have an anxiety disorder?

Anxious thoughts can bother anyone, even if you don’t have an anxiety disorder. What should you do about stress or anxiety about a big project, change, or difficult season of life? Dr. Jacobson shares some very practical, low-cost steps one can take to rein in out-of-control nerves.

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