HW-Love-one-another.png Do your health a favor: Love one another

On February 14—Valentine’s Day—people all across the globe honor Saint Valentine’s martyrdom for his Christian faith by sending notes and gifts of love to one another. But are you aware that this practice of expressing appreciation and affection for one another is actually good for your health?

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Spiritual and physical health—a direct connection.png Spiritual and physical health—a direct connection

The Bible says we were made by the Creator—a spiritual being. The Bible tells us from whence we came; who we are; why we get sick, suffer and die; and how we can live forever. The foundation for our understanding of health, disease, death and healing begins in the “Book of Beginnings”: Genesis. Here, we learn several critical things about ourselves.

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Boosting-moods-banner.png Boosting your mood as the days grow shorter

Food can lend a hand in boosting your mood, so if you're feeling a little bit down, try some of these foods!

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