trust_in_God.jpg Member mourns lost love, answers God’s call to trust Him

"I paid for Larry’s medical bills the same day I received the check from CHM...for months I received cards from members who didn't know me. I read and cherished each one."

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Joel_LindaGoodwin.jpg Members touched by care and support received through CHM’s pre-existing programs

"We were amazed when the hospital discounted its bill about 40 percent. CHM shared $15,000 through its Gold schedule program for pre-existing conditions. In addition, nearly $30,000 was shared through the Prayer Page."

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PettijohnExtendedFamily.jpg Member births baby in car, uses CHM's maternity program for five pregnancies

"Our YouTube post has almost 63 million views and God gave us a platform for our pro-life stance when we were featured on Good Morning America, the Today show and several other national and international media. Who would have ever thought that a birth gone ‘wrong’ would turn out so right?"

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