CHMRx prescription savings card update

It’s likely that at least some CHMRx prescription drug discount card users will be affected by price increases on certain medications at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores, two major sources for our members. This is not a universal price increase at all CHMRx-participating pharmacies.

Please visit the CHMRx website to compare pricing. If you prefer to fill a prescription at Sam’s or Wal-Mart you may be required to present your card again for refills.

Regardless of which pharmacy you use, be sure to have your physical or digital CHMRx prescription discount card when dropping off prescriptions. Taking a picture of your card and storing it in your phone is a good way to make sure the information is always with you.

If you’ve misplaced either the older-style (paper) card or the newer CHMRx (plastic) card, contact the CHMRx staff (be sure to let them know if you’re requesting one card or both) or call CHMRx Member Services 877-403-8233.*

*Editor’s note: The CHMRx prescription savings card is administered by a third party, not CHM. CHM staff members will be unable to assist you with your CHMRx-related questions.

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