Coping with infertility and infant loss

By Carol Peters-Tanksley, M.D.

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Wrestling with disappointment

Infertility can be a challenging journey for couples who are trying to conceive. Seeing yet another birth-related social media announcement or card while waiting to have a little one wears on the heart, mind, and body.

It’s disappointing when we don’t receive what we’ve been hoping, dreaming, or planning for. It’s completely understandable and healthy to grieve. But we must remember that we are more than our ability to conceive.

We have a God who sympathizes with our pain and understands the desires of our hearts. Know that your desire for a little one hasn’t gone unnoticed. No matter what, Jesus has a remarkable plan for our lives. When we follow His light, we never walk alone.

Shifting our focus back on Christ puts the emphasis of our lives on His strength, not our weakness. He knows that sometimes it hurts to breathe, to stand, and to move forward. However, each time we rise, we make an unspoken decision to put our trust in something bigger than ourselves. It’s okay to pause and lean into His rhythms of rest.

Even in our disappointment, there is still worth to be found in the waiting.

Experiencing Infant loss

For parents who have lost a little one, the pain of loss through a miscarriage, illness, or injury can be immense. Regardless of the reason, God will carry us through our grief.

We won’t understand why things happen from this side of heaven. However, we can rest, knowing God weeps with us and holds us in the midst of our pain. He is tender with our hearts and understands the intricacy of our souls.

As we bear each other’s burdens, we can trust that His light will overcome the darkness. Jesus isn’t afraid of our heaviness, pain, or despair. In fact, He welcomes us to come to Him just as we are. Today, we can live knowing that we are loved and choose to allow Him to carry us from moment to moment.

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