Fall fun for everyone

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Before winter blows in and runs us into the house, we get to enjoy the fall season. Here are 10 fun activities the whole family can enjoy.

1. Pumpkin patch
Fall fun at the pumpkin patch starts in September and goes through the end of October. Spend the day choosing pumpkins, taking hayrides, and navigating corn mazes.

2. Sunflower farm
Spend time enjoying the views and taking pictures. Don’t forget to purchase some blooms to take home.

3. Family photoshoot
With the weather cooling off and the leaves changing colors, this is a great time to take pictures for your Christmas card.

4. Nature walk
Turn beautiful walking trails into a day of fun by finding hiking sticks and picking up along the way some nature (pinecones, feathers, leaves and anything else you wanted to keep). At the end, use string to tie it all to your hiking stick, turning it into a journey stick.

5. Family fall party
Invite grandpa, grandma, and the rest of the family over to enjoy a night by the fire roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Don’t forget the cider.

6. Bonfires
Bonfires are great at bringing the family together. A bonfire is also a great place for mom and dad to relax after putting the kids to sleep.

7. Host a chili cook-off
Have your guests vote on whose chili is best. Show them who’s boss!

8. Jump in a pile of leaves
Make sure you rake the leaves, so you know there are no sticks or stones. Then jump in and feel young again.

9. Art studio
There’s no experience needed and classes exist for all ages. Get outside your comfort zone and you may be amazed at the Picasso in you!

10. Family fun centers
Family fun centers are perfect for bad weather days.

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