Health Q&A with Dr. Michael Jacobson, D.O.: Manipulative therapy after injury

From the November 2018 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

Q: I just have something to add to your article on concussions in the August issue of Heartfelt Magazine. Anyone who has had head trauma needs to see a chiropractor who has received specialized training to analyze the neck most notably a graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, Iowa).

My son had chronic migraines for two years. I took him to many types of doctors to see if they could help him. It wasn’t until we saw the right chiropractor that he was healed after the very first visit and hasn’t had a migraine since. The doctor took an X-ray of his neck. He immediately knew what the problem was: my son’s top cervical bone was at a terrible angle.

After it was adjusted my son was fine. No other doctor, including two neurologists, was able to diagnose the problem. They just wanted to give him medications that did nothing to help. My son probably injured his neck while playing basketball in high school. Whether he had a concussion or not I don’t know, but any injury to the head can also affect the neck and needs to be checked out.

A: Thank you very much for the helpful information and for taking the time to write. Assessment by either an osteopathic doctor (D.O.) or chiropractor (D.C.) who are competent in manipulative medicine can be very valuable. (There are many quality schools and training programs.)

I encourage consultation with a chiropractor or D.O. particularly in nonemergency musculoskeletal situations. You are correct: neck injury is often (if not usually) associated with head trauma. Neck problems—especially following whiplash—are perhaps the most common cause of many kinds of headaches.

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