Health Q&A with Dr. Michael Jacobson, D.O.: Pain in the tailbone (coccyx)

From the February 2019 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

Q: I’ve been having horrible tailbone pain for a few weeks. This morning I woke up with a pain level of seven out of 10. The pain is also in my calf. It hurts to sit and walk. What should I do?

A: Thank you for your question. Assuming that it’s truly your tailbone (coccyx) causing the problem, excruciating pain can emanate from either a fracture of this very small bone at the tip of your spine or from the ligament that connects it to the sacrum. More often than not, the original injury is the result of a fall onto one’s posterior. These injuries usually heal on their own over the course of four to six weeks. During the healing phase, a “donut cushion” may help reduce pain by eliminating direct pressure when sitting.

However, if pain persists beyond six weeks, I suggest that you find a physician who does prolotherapy. This injection treatment stimulates repair of injured connective tissue (i.e. the opposite of steroids). A factsheet that includes websites with directories of physicians who provide the procedure (such as the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine) is available by emailing

I hope this helps you recover soon!

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