How do I know CHM will take care of me?

New CHM members sometimes ask how they can know that other participants will take care of them when a medical event occurs. We enjoy answering this question because our history, present and future highlight reasons why you can be confident that CHM members will share your eligible medical expenses.

Our faithful history

Founded in 1981, Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) is the longest-serving healthcare sharing ministry. Since CHM’s inception, its members have shared 100 percent of each other’s healthcare cost burdens.

And it works! Millions of dollars are shared each year, touching the lives of tens of thousands of people. More than 200 of their stories are told online at New testimonies are uploaded monthly; you can see just how powerful are your financial gifts. Also, a common theme within CHM members’ testimonies is the encouragement they felt when receiving cards and letters from other CHM members who are praying for them as they walk through a medical event.

Our present

Transparency is part of being accountable. Here are just a few of CHM’s internal policies:

  • Third-party annual audits: CHM’s annual financial statements are audited by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm. It checks all aspects of CHM from the receipt and disbursement of money to the systems and procedures that control operations. Additionally, copies of annual audits are made available to anyone upon request.
  • Our independent board of directors: Management and the Board of Directors regularly review financial statements and reports on CHM’s financial position. The Board also reviews and approves an annual budget.
  • Maintaining strict internal controls: CHM staff members who receive money do not disburse money. CHM staff members who prepare checks for payment do not sign the checks. CHM staff members who sign the checks do not reconcile bank statements.
  • Fraud prevention measures: CHM implemented and abides by the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which directly addresses fraud prevention. As a non-profit organization, CHM is not required to take this action, but it does so to give members even greater confidence in CHM’s safeguards.
  • Publishing the CHM Guidelines: The CHM Guidelines are available at, so there should be few questions about what is, or isn’t, eligible for sharing. Our staff is available through multiple methods of communication, including direct social media messages, to give members answers to any Guidelines-related questions.

CHM has been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity since 2013. This designation is not achieved by every charitable organization—in fact, only two percent of BBB-reviewed charities are accredited. The standards CHM meets go beyond the accountability requirements of local, state and federal laws and regulations. To view the CHM page, go to, narrow your search results by selecting “Charities” and type “Christian Healthcare Ministries” into the search box.

Our vision for the future

In 2019, more than 50,000 families received financial help with over 300,000 medical bills—thanks to the faithful generosity of CHM members like you. Equally impressive is the fact that CHM members satisfied roughly $500 million in during that year.

CHM members have shared $5 billion in one another’s healthcare costs since 1981.

Editor’s note: For more information on CHM policies and accountability, see CHM Guideline DD ( Learn more about CHM's programs and costs here.

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