Look for the Bubble People

By Rev. Dr. Howard S. Russell, CHM President & CEO

From the January 2019 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

Success breeds imitators, fair and foul. But the “Bubble People” reveal the truth.
When something is successful—as is Christian Healthcare Ministries, based on the faithfulness of our members—there are others who want to take advantage, almost always for profit.

I can’t speak specifically to the motivations of those who try to piggyback on our name, our website, the names of our programs, or any other aspect of our operations. What I can say is that it’s fair to draw your own conclusions—and to steer friends and family away from anyone posing as or misrepresenting CHM.

Their game is to cast the net as wide as possible and use misdirection to lure the catch into the snare.

A Google search for Christian Healthcare Ministries shows, at the top of the page, various names that look a lot like ours. They pay for this top billing. And the thumbnail program descriptions may read very much like CHM’s. The web addresses they may use are so close to CHM’s as to be almost indistinguishable.

You may be wondering if we’re taking action to try to put a stop to this abuse. Yes, we are. But these things don’t happen overnight. It’s a legal process with all the components such action entails. But we’re working on it.

CHM is our country’s longest-serving and largest health cost sharing ministry. The reason is because our focus is in our name: it’s ministry first, last, and everything in between.

We recognize at the same time that anyone can say they’re a ministry. The pages of Christian history are unfortunately stained in spots with the false claims of those attempting to use Christ for their financial benefit.

When—as so many of you do—tell others about CHM, tell them to look for the Bubble People.

The Bubble People are the three figures you see on the cover of Heartfelt Magazine and in everything else printed or used by CHM. It represents a mother, a father, and a child—but it could be anyone, or any family.

These are trademarked and copyrighted figures. They can’t legally be used by anyone or anything else as representations of their ministry or activities.

We don’t expect an irrevocable end to all of this even if there is a successful resolution of our efforts to stop others from trying to capitalize on our name, history, and reputation.

We fully expect that there will be a constant stream of others trying to take advantage of the ministry that we, together, have built. Every time it happens, we’re going to respond, not in anger or hate, but with a fervent desire to ensure CHM is not confused with anything or anyone else, for any reason

So, look for the Bubble People. They’ll lead you—and your friends—home.

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