Meet your CHM staff: Barbara Erbe and Denise Rager

From the July 2018 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

Barbara (Barbi) Erbe serves in the CHM Member Assistance Department, explaining to prospective members how the ministry works and making changes to members’ accounts. Denise Rager works in the CHM department in which medical bill information is entered into the ministry’s database.

CHM: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Barbi Erbe: I grew up on a small street in Coshocton, Ohio. During the summer neighborhood kids gathered and played games on our alley street. We played kickball, baseball and other games—even in the rain! I miss the simplicity of what life was like back then.

CHM: How would friends describe you?

Denise Rager: A friend of mine said I am faithful, honest, kind and someone who is willing to be brutally honest.

CHM: When did you become a Christian?

BE: I heard about Jesus at a young age. In children’s church one Sunday, we sang “Into My Heart” and I went to the altar to ask Jesus to come into my heart. In my teen years I wandered away from Christ, but He kept drawing me toward Him and I rededicated my life at a summer camp when I was 16 years old. I try to serve Him every day.

DR: I’ve believed in the Lord for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t ask Him to be my savior until problems surfaced in my marriage. My husband and I accepted Christ at the same time and we began putting God first in our lives. It was the best decision we’ve ever made.

CHM: What’s your favorite Bible passage and why?

BE: Right now it’s Esther 4:14 which says, “Perhaps she was made for such a time as this.” Sometimes I struggle with what God has planned for my life, but this verse reminds me to be “in the moment” because I might make a difference in someone else’s life without realizing it. He has put me where He wants me “for such a time as this.”

CHM: Define your idea of true leadership.

DR: Someone who leads by example and is willing to do the task at hand, not just give the order to get it done.

CHM: Where did you work before joining the CHM staff?

BE: I worked at Toys ‘R’ Us, working my way up to a supervisor position. I enjoyed interacting with customers and seeing kids’ smiles when they found the toy they were looking for.

CHM: What’s the most memorable job you’ve had?

DR: I served with Informations System Command in Berlin, Germany, during the time of the fall of the Berlin wall (1989-1992).

CHM: What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

BE: I simply couldn’t live without Jesus. He guides, directs and comforts me.

CHM: What character trait do you most admire?

DR: Honesty.

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