Strangers no more: CHM members encourage each other weekly through prayer 

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Michelle: I “met” Jeri one day when I called CHM. My husband had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and huge bills were rolling in. He wasn’t a member of CHM, but I wanted reassurance that if something ever happened to me, CHM would have my back.

Jeri: As I was talking with Michelle, God put the story of another member on my heart: Jackie Bisson. Both lost their husbands to colon cancer and remarried, Now one of them, Michelle, was facing cancer again.
After talking with Michelle, I called Jackie and said, “Hey, I can’t give you any details, but if a member would be willing, would you be interested in praying with her?”

Jackie: It was perfect timing. My husband and I were on a temporary contract job assignment 3,000 miles away from home. I told God that I wanted to be connected to someone I could minister to.

Michelle: Jeri told me about her friend she felt I should meet. She asked if she could share my phone number with her. I said yes. Shortly after, I got a call from Jackie.

Jackie: We try to talk once a week. I ask about how things are going for her and do a lot of listening. Then we pray together before the call is over and let the Lord handle all the requests. I have been privileged to witness the Lord’s strength in her.

Michelle: Jackie is a very dear friend to me, and always seems to check on me at the right moments.

Jeri: Seeing how God has used both of them in each other’s lives, I’m so thankful I listened to God when He told me to connect them.

Becoming a prayer partner is an incredible way to stand by someone in need and help someone carry their burdens to God. It’s also a great way for two believers to come together in search of growth and maturity in their faith.

Are you interested in starting a prayer partnership and want to know how to begin, or what you should emphasize during your time together?

We asked Michelle and Jackie for tips they would give to someone starting a prayer partnership like theirs, and this is what they shared:

  • Pray that the Lord directs your conversation.
  • Follow James 1:19—be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.
  • Ask the Lord to keep you humble.
  • Be willing to pour yourself out for His glory.


Do you want to be a prayer partner and support a fellow member? Are you interested in regularly praying with someone? Email to learn more.

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