Technology changes, but do people?

By Rev. Dr. Howard S. Russell, CHM President & CEO

From the August 2018 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

Technology changes. People don’t. Do they?

Human beings are no different today than they were when Moses led the Israelites of out Egypt; when David fought Goliath; when Solomon built the Temple but then was influenced to turn to false gods; or when Jesus lived, died, and rose again.

People are the same, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Today we enjoy technology that was not only undreamed of in biblical times, but that wasn’t anticipated for several centuries to come (as Star Trek devotees will understand).

When the Israelites were brought out of Egypt “with a mighty hand” and journeyed through the desert, what did many of them want to do? Fearful and lacking faith, they wanted to give up and return to Egypt, slavery and oppression.

David fought Goliath because everyone else in the army was fearful of the giant, his strength, and his ferocity.

Solomon built a glorious temple to be God’s house. He was, as we’re told, a paragon of wisdom. God had warned the Israelites to not marry women who might draw their loyalty to false gods. But Solomon later in life built temples to false gods, among the most detestable ever known. As a result, Solomon’s kingdom did not survive him.

In Jesus’s life we see more examples of people who are much like people today: when His family heard what He was doing in his ministry they thought He’d lost His mind; when He went certain places He was asked to leave because the inhabitants didn’t understand His good deeds and were afraid; the disciple the Lord had called a “rock” denied Him three times, the third with curses; and the Messiah, hailed as He entered Jerusalem, was crucified in that same place within, literally, a matter of days.

The Bible is replete with examples of fear; betrayal; lying; cheating; murder; hunger for money and fame; adultery; and more.

Technology changes. People don’t.

Except in one way: because of God. God in all His love, goodness, mercy and forgiveness.

Through the power of God’s Spirit people become new creatures and old things pass away. All things become new. Light overcomes darkness. (1 Corinthians5:17, 6:9-11.)

An example of the change that occurs in peoples’ minds and hearts is found among members of Christian Healthcare Ministries. Every day we hear that the greatest joy people receive from being CHM members is that they know their financial gifts are being used to help fellow believers, their brothers and sisters within the Body of Christ.

That Spirit is seen in Acts 2 and 4 as first-century Christians shared to meet each other’s needs. At CHM, we—the family of God—do it by meeting each other’s healthcare costs.

That’s because even as technology changes there’s one true, sure, absolute way for people to change: belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

That’s a change we—and the whole world—can believe in.

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