Telemedicine service (HealthiestYou™) is healthy for your wallet, too

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That annoying ache in your sinuses signals you have the start of a sinus infection. A buildup of pressure—along with pain—in your ears is likely an ear infection. For these and other common healthcare issues, instead of paying for a doctor's visit, as a CHM member, you can save money by using the free HealthiestYou™ app.

In addition, HealthiestYou™ can help you find providers and specialists near you, compare the costs of different procedures, and easily find the cheapest prescription costs.

Are you ready to save? Join HealthiestYou™ today by downloading the app and following our instructions listed at

If you're interested in learning more about the services available, watch a demonstration and get answers from a HealthiestYou™ representative by tuning in live for an upcoming webinar on Thursday, February 10, at 2 pm CST and 5 pm CST.

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