The “ABCs” of CHM

From the September 2019 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

CHM’s Bring-a-Friend referral program enables you to earn a free month of ministry membership for each new friend who joins as the result of your efforts (credit is applied after your friend has paid for three months of membership).

Teaching friends about CHM is elementary if you remember the “ABCs”:

Affordable: You can save up to 70 percent compared to other healthcare plans—and CHM hasn’t increased member costs in over 11 years.

Biblical: The ministry is based on Galatians 6:2, John 13:35 and the practices of the early Church in Acts 2 and 4.

Credible: CHM is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity. Since 1981, its members have shared over $3.5 billion of each other’s eligible medical bills, making it the longest-serving health cost sharing ministry. It’s also the only one heard on The Dave Ramsey Show.

See for more information on earning free months of membership.

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