The Bring-a-Friend program: As CHM grows, your savings can, too

By Charity Beall, CHM Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & Treasurer

The fastest way CHM grows is through word of mouth—when you and other members tell your friends and family about CHM. It’s also one of the easiest and most effective ways for CHM members to save on their expenses. When you share your CHM experience and others join the ministry as a result, you can earn credits through CHM's Bring-a-Friend (BAF) program.

  • Any member can use Bring-a-Friend to earn credits, and it’s easy to do.
  • Tell a Christian friend or extended family member about CHM. Send them your unique referral link via email, social media, or more so you’re credited when they join.
  • After your friend pays for three months of membership, you’ll automatically receive a credit. This credit amount corresponds with their membership level. You can earn up to 12 months' worth of credits per year, so invite as many friends or family members as you want. 

It’s a blessing to watch our CHM family grow because it means more Christians have spiritual and financial support during a medical event—and we know you feel the same way. 

Another key CHM initiative enables you to donate your eligible Bring-a-Friend credits to assist fellow CHM members economically affected by COVID-19 or other natural disasters. To donate one or more BAF credits, please contact the CHM staff.

Do you know someone who could be well-served by joining the CHM family and enjoying the privileges of membership as you do? Could sharing information about your experience with CHM result in the building up of God's Kingdom? Share the advantages of CHM membership and let the Bring-a-Friend program work for you!

Start the savings: Learn more about the BRing-a-Friend Program

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