The CHM staff: Working daily in heartfelt service to you

By Rev. Dr. Howard S. Russell, CHM President & CEO

From the July 2018 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

CHM is your ministry and we’re delighted to help you meet your staff.

Every month Heartfelt Magazine profiles recently-hired or longtime Christian Healthcare Ministries employees, the people who have joined us to serve Jesus by serving you, God’s people.

We’re careful in our hiring. First, it’s because we work with your medical information; second, the situations facing you when you have medical needs can be among the most difficult, challenging, and personal ones you’ll ever face; third, you have entrusted us with these exceptionally sensitive aspects of your lives.

Fourth—and most importantly—you are our family in Christ.

The Heartfelt Magazine articles featuring our new employees explore such subjects as how they became Christians; what Bible verses are their favorites; what challenges they’ve overcome in life; where they go to church; what they do in their free time; and other subjects.

Our employees are the people to whom you speak when you call the ministry office. They’re the men and women who make sure your medical bills are correct and that you have been treated fairly in terms of charges from your healthcare providers; the people who help you achieve discounts on your medical bills; the staff members who prepare and distribute information about CHM; and everyone else performing various and valuable roles within the ministry.

One of the truly uplifting aspects of my role here is to read every day the emails, letters and other communications from members sharing their experiences with our staff.

They’re heartfelt expressions of gratitude for the work and effort of our CHM employees on your behalf. These messages are thanks offered for the kind voice on the phone, punctuated by prayers, caring attitudes and expressions of Christian love.

But the gratitude is ours, to you.

You make it possible for us to serve God by serving you. CHM is the structure and operational part of the ministry, but you are its beating heart.

Without you there’s no one to serve, not in the way we do it here. You are the nucleus around which the CHM staff revolves. That’s why our employees regularly pray for you. The concern for you and your needs is reflected each day and in our weekly chapel services.

Praying for you is part of what we do because you’re the reason for what we do.

And that’s why we dedicate a portion of every Heartfelt Magazine issue to introducing you to the staff members: some with whom you’ll speak, others with whom you’ll never come in contact. As quickly as we’re adding employees due to ministry growth it’s going to take a good long while before we get to all of them, but we’re going to keep at it.

We want you to know them. It’s important. They’re the CHM employees who serve you.

Even more importantly, they’re your brothers and sisters—members of the family of God.

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