What not to say on Valentine's Day

From the February 2019 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

Let's face it: it's tough to be single on Valentine's Day. If you're looking for a date, here are suggestions on lines to leave at home.

“Last night I was reading the book of Numbers and I realized I don’t have yours!”

“The Word of God says to feed the hungry; how about dinner tonight?”

“I believe one of my ribs belongs to you.”

“I didn’t know angels flew this low.”

“Is it a sin that you stole my heart?”

“I didn’t believe in predestination until I met you.”

“I’m usually not very prophetic, but I can see us together.”

“I feel like God’s telling me that you should go on a date with me.”

“I may be living in my parents’ basement and I don’t have a job right now, but I’m storing up treasures in heaven.”

“You must be a Bible verse, because I can’t stop memorizing you.”

“You may not think I’m perfect, but Jesus thinks I’m to die for.”

“Let’s compare love languages.”

“Is your name Grace? Because you’re amazing.”

“I would say ‘God bless you,’ but it looks like He already has.”

“If you’re looking for a man with good credit, Jesus paid my debt.”

“I heard Jesus called you. Mind if I do the same?”

“Could I have your name and number for my prayer list?”

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