Dave Ramsey and CHM

“Our friends at Christian Healthcare Ministries understand what a difference it makes when people know how to manage their money. Budgeting for healthcare is a crucial part of your life and future. Since 1981, CHM has enabled Christians to meet healthcare costs.” –Dave Ramsey

Christian Healthcare Ministries is the original health cost sharing ministry and enables Christians to live in financial peace with budget-friendly, extensive healthcare programs. The advantages of joining CHM are many:

  • Cost-effective: Monthly cost for a family capped at $516.
  • Biblical: Based on the New Testament church (Galatians 6:2, Acts 2 & 4)
  • Credible: Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity
  • Eligible option under the national healthcare law
  • Faithful: Has served Christians since 1981 and shared more than $5 billion in members' medical bills


Financial advisors Dave Ramsey, Larry Burkett and Howard Dayton have told us we need to have a small reserve of cash set aside to plan for unexpected emergencies. CHM members agree to shoulder the responsibility for smaller medical events and share bills for major medical events among fellow CHM members.

Other advantages of joining:
  • Generous maternity program
  • Choose your own healthcare providers
  • No annual fee or application fee
  • No one is dropped or denied participation due to medical conditions
  • Costs are not adjusted based on medical conditions or history
  • Medical bill discounts often eliminate out-of-pocket expenses
  • Programs for catastrophic medical bills and pre-existing conditions


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