Big blessings come in little packages

We want this experience to be full of joy and excitement as you welcome a new life into the world!

For Gold members, maternity expenses are eligible for sharing after reaching $500 per pregnancy. Christian Healthcare Ministries will share qualifying bills for:

  • Pre-natal (including up to three ultrasounds, provided they are medically necessary)
  • Hospital delivery (including cesarean and multiple births)
  • Home births
  • Midwives
  • Complications (mother and baby)
  • Post-natal (up to six weeks)
  • One lactation consultant visit (if medically necessary; an itemized charge must appear on your bill or you must submit a note from your healthcare provider)

Maternities have a maximum of $125,000 per pregnancy, provided the mother joined the Gold program at least 300 days before the doctor’s estimated due date. This cap can be removed with the addition of Brother's Keeper. Members must wait at least 30 days—one month—after joining the ministry before becoming pregnant in order for that pregnancy and delivery to be eligible for sharing (women who choose to switch from a lower level to Gold should allow 30 days for the change to take effect).

Two exciting advantages available for eligible Gold pregnancies:

  • The maximum per-pregnancy amount of assistance is unlimited with participation in the Brother’s Keeper program.
  • For mothers giving birth under CHM’s Gold program, any non-routine medical bills your baby incurs in the first three months after birth are eligible for sharing under the mother's membership.

Helpful resources

Download our complete Gold program maternity guide or view the CHM maternity Guideline. You can also download a sample medical bill log that will help you keep track of your maternity bills.


The CHM family is here to support you through the thick and thin. Whether you’re just starting to learn about CHM, are a new mom about to have a baby, or already have a CHM baby, we want to support you, encourage you, and uplift you. Join our CHM Maternity Facebook group today.


Maternity testimonies

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Roadside delivery: Born in a car

The Pettijohn clan is a multigenerational “CHM family.” CHM members shared medical bills for Tiger. His son and daughter-in-law Jon and Lesia experienced the blessings of CHM’s Gold maternity program for each of their children, including one born in an unexpected place.

Missionaries' miracle baby

The Hill family, missionaries to Uganda, rejoiced as they learned they were pregnant. Concerned about complications, doctors encouraged them to remain in the US for the birth. See how the Hills experienced God's provision of $300,000 through CHM members.

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At 32 weeks, Amanda Burton’s water broke. With one thought racing through her mind—it’s too early!—she rushed to the hospital. After a week-long hospital stay and the baby’s 10 days in intensive care, the bills piled up around her. She was confident that her fellow CHM members would take care of her—and they did.

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