Welcome to the first trimester!

Congratulations! Parenthood is a beautiful thing, and we’re so excited to walk beside you during this next big step in your life.

If you haven’t already, call 1-800-791-6225 within the first 16 weeks of your pregnancy if you're a CHM member to speak with our Maternity Support Team, and we will:

  • Take $500 off your maternity Personal Responsibility
  • Connect you to the best care in your area
  • Offer prayer and spiritual support

Nurse navigator Angie TaylorCHM partners with a nurse navigator to help guide you through your pregnancy and remind you—you're not alone. Learn more about how she can support you.

 Meet your nurse navigator

Prenatal care worksheet

From questioning whether you should have a home birth versus a hospital birth to choosing the best delivery team for you, we’re here to help answer any questions you might have. In fact, we’ve prepared a prenatal care worksheet to help you identify your priorities.

Prenatal care worksheet

Staying ahead of the game

Once you’ve picked out your delivery team (with the help of our nurse navigator), it’s time to collect a prepayment agreement (global fee).

The Member Portal is the easiest way for CHM members to submit their medical bills. Submit your prepayment agreement and fill out your Maternity Sharing Request Packet all directly from the Portal!

Unsure how to ask for a prepayment agreement? Download this card to hand directly to your provider.

Global spiel card

First trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of ups and downs. Your body undergoes many changes, and you might experience increased anxiety—especially in those precious and uncertain early weeks of pregnancy. Any little pain or discomfort can lead to the same question: Is the baby okay?

To help support you through these questions and concerns, we've prepared resources for you.

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