Welcome to the third trimester!

It’s the third trimester, and you know what that means—It’s almost time to meet your baby! Sure, it might come with some extra back pain and incontinency issues, but it also comes with anticipation, excitement, and a lot of last-minute planning.

Hospital bag checklist

It's almost time! Speaking of last-minute planning, have you thought about what you’ll be taking with you to the hospital? If not, that’s okay—we’ve done the thinking for you. Download our hospital bag checklist for ideas for your overnight bag.

Hospital bag checklist

Pregnancy complications: what you should know

CHM prays for all members to experience smooth pregnancies and deliveries. But we understand that complications happen, and we’re here to support you. Here are some things to note about complications:

  • Complications of eligible maternity incidents may be considered for sharing.
  • We ask that you submit a letter explaining the complications along with your itemized bills.
  • If you need to transfer care from one provider to another, you must submit your final itemized bill from the original provider along with the bill from the new provider.

If you have any questions, please contact our Maternity Support Team or nurse navigator for guidance.

Call 1-800-791-6225

You are not alone

The third trimester is exciting, but it also comes with a lot of questions and unknowns. For instance, you’re not guaranteed to deliver on your estimated due date, so what are the signs and symptoms you should be looking for? Whether you want to learn more about the stages of labor or you want to know how to navigate potential risks, we’re here to help.

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