Prayer & encouragement

Christian Healthcare Ministries members receive a monthly billing statement (called the Member Gift Form or MGF) that indicates their financial gift amount and instructions for sending the gift to the CHM office.

The Member Gift Form also contains a prayer card with the name and contact information of a specific member with a prayer request. This enables fellowship between participants; they can pray for fellow members by name or send them a get-well card, note of encouragement or favorite Bible verse.

Names and personal information are included on the MGF prayer cards only with the permission of the member making the prayer request. This opportunity to pray and encourage others is an example of Christian Healthcare Ministries’ commitment to meeting Christians’ financial and spiritual needs.

This is another way CHM differs from insurance companies. Insurance companies do not and cannot provide a way for their policyholders to experience the immeasurable power of prayer or the joy of knowing that fellow Christians care for them.

The CHM staff also prays for members who have submitted prayer requests. You can submit prayer requests by calling our office at 1-800-791-6225 or by emailing any of our staff members.

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