Bill sharing process

After CHM receives your medical bills (see our video and step-by-step guide to submitting bills) from you as a self-pay patient, our Member Bill Processing department stamps them with the date of receipt, reviews them thoroughly according to the CHM Guidelines and enters them into our computer database.

Our Member Advocate department then reviews the bills to make sure that the maximum discount has been obtained and verifies discounts with your healthcare providers (please make sure to immediately notify CHM of any discounts you receive).

The next step is performed by Finance department staff members, who release funds for sharing from CHM's audited Member Sharing Account. You will receive a check or checks from the CHM office reflecting the total amount eligible for sharing.

The sharing process described above can take 70-85 days; the sharing "clock" begins the date CHM receives all of your necessary forms and relevant itemized bill(s). Sometimes bills can be shared sooner if your provider grants a significant discount.

The sharing process is different for bills from pre-existing conditions. To learn more, visit our pre-existing conditions page.

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