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Sharing Request Packet

The sharing request packet is required for CHM to process and share medical bills and must be submitted with each new medical incident. (Add-on bills to a prior incident do not require new forms).

The Prayer Page Request Form is required if you have a pre-existing condition, as defined by the CHM Guidelines . Similarly, CHM’s accident forms are required only for members whose medical bills were incurred due to an accident.

To submit medical bills online, log in to your Member Portal account.

Sharing Request Packet

Maternity guide

This guide provides a wealth of information and step-by-step info about what to do when you’re expecting a baby. Please be sure to also consult the CHM Guidelines for important maternity information.

Maternity Guide

Example medical bill log

Use this handy tool to keep track of your bills, including when you received them, when you sent them to CHM, what payments you’ve made, etc. Note that the example given is a maternity incident, but you can use this spreadsheet for any type of medical condition.

Example Medical Bill

Healthcare provider letter

This letter is addressed to your healthcare provider and explains what CHM is and what the ministry does. We recommend you use this in your doctor’s office rather than in a hospitalization scenario.

Healthcare Provider Letter

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