Couple returns to CHM after 15 years, sees God’s hand in the details, Carol Skaggs, Freetown, Ind.

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From the November 2019 issue of Heartfelt Magazine.

Nearly 24 years ago CHM members shared medical bills for the birth of our youngest son, Joel. We absolutely loved how well the program worked and were astonished that ministry members shared the total pregnancy cost. However, a few years after our son was born, we were unable to afford membership costs for a time.

Our pastor is a CHM member and testified of how well the program worked for him. We rejoined the ministry in January 2014 as Gold and Brother’s Keeper participants.

Little did we know how important this decision would be.

Throughout the years before rejoining CHM, I had a maintained pre-existing condition that I had been managing with my urogynecologist. The symptoms were quite manageable until early 2018, when they quickly worsened. Still, I had no intention of undergoing surgery because I was afraid of how my body would react and what side effects I would experience.

The many risks and possibilities of what could go wrong seemed endless, but I felt the Lord leading me to see a doctor and trust his treatment plan. I finally gathered the courage and scheduled an appointment.

When I called CHM I truly didn’t think our expenses were eligible for sharing. However, after my medical history was reviewed, a CHM representative confirmed that my surgery was eligible according to the Guidelines. As I had been a Gold member for over four years my condition was no longer considered pre-existing. Had it been less than three years, my bills would have been shared in accordance with the Gold pre-existing condition sharing schedule (Editor’s note: See the CHM Guidelines for details).

When I heard this good news, I was brought to tears. Our family wouldn’t have to bear the burden of surgery costs. I was reminded again how God had asked me to trust Him with this situation. Despite the fears I first felt, the Lord continued to reassure me—especially as I spent extra time in prayer and in the Bible—that He would meet my needs.

Additionally, the CHM representatives I worked with were kind and helpful as I prepared for surgery and later submitted medical bills. I particularly remember experiencing ministry care from Pat Turner. CHM’s love reminded me that God was with me.

After the surgery I faced a number of complications, but they didn’t faze me. I knew I could trust God no matter what. When I let go of my fears and listened to God, I felt His peace.

When I received bills, I called my healthcare providers and asked for discounts. To my surprise, I was able to get them from almost every provider—totaling over $20,000. CHM members then shared over $80,000 for my surgery. What a blessing!

Now that I’ve healed, I have more energy and enjoy life again. Though the rehabilitation process was slow and I faced complications, I feel much better now.

The CHM staff and fellow members were a huge part of God’s provision through financial and prayer support. We feel blessed to be part of this group of Christians who reminded us that God was in the details from the very beginning!

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