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Our family in December 2011 welcomed our fourth child, Joshua, whose name means “the Lord is salvation.” His life story already reflects that declaration.

My pregnancy with Joshua was physically and emotionally exhausting, partly because our family faced stress regarding our living situation and business.

The birth itself was challenging; after several hours of intense labor at our local birth center I felt nauseated and blacked out. I was immediately given oxygen and IV therapy, which helped me regain consciousness enough to deliver the baby. Paramedics arrived, but thankfully I didn’t require a C-section or emergency transportation to the hospital.

Joshua was a healthy baby and I recovered enough to go home the next day. My mother came from out of state to help me care for our other three children and to prepare meals for us.

Then, without warning, eight-day-old Joshua woke up with a temperature of 102 degrees. I tried to cool him down and keep him hydrated, but the fever didn’t subside. With each passing hour Joshua became increasingly lethargic and wouldn’t nurse.

My midwife advised me to take him to the emergency room. After testing, a doctor told me that Joshua was fighting a serious E. coli bacterial infection. We were fortunate that we caught the bacteria before it spread into the spinal fluid and became meningitis.

We had no idea how he became ill, but the doctor said that without medical care Joshua might not have lived another day.

Joshua returned home on Christmas Eve and was greeted by his excited brothers and sister. We are delighted to watch him learn and grow each day.

One of the best parts of this story is that the hospital wrote off 50 percent of Joshua’s bills, and that Christian Healthcare Ministries reimbursed us for the remaining amount of our need!

We believe that CHM is the Lord’s provision—He is working through our brothers and sisters in Christ. Although we don’t know you personally, we thank God for your love and support; you are a tremendous encouragement to us.

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