Kristen Kroen, Hobe Sound, FL

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I used to be a Boston Marathon runner, but in 2009, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The disease progressed rapidly and I became handicapped within a matter of months. Treatment didn’t help and all my research came to dead ends.

To make matters worse, I knew that at some point I would need to find a different healthcare program than the one I had at the time.

My parents learned about Christian Healthcare Ministries when they attended a Christmas production at Hobe Sound Bible College in Hobe Sound, Fla.

They picked up an information pack for me to review. Thankful for their thoughtfulness, I called CHM for more information. A kind gentleman patiently answered my questions and explained how the program works. I hung up knowing right away that CHM membership was going to be a positive experience.

Several months after joining, I found a new treatment method through a doctor in Chicago. It involves using a patient’s own stem cells for healing. I contacted the doctor’s office and submitted an application to see if I was eligible for the treatment.

The waiting game began. I wrestled with worry and the fear that I wouldn’t be accepted.

A turning point came one September afternoon while I was praying on my patio. I asked God to show me whether I was able to receive treatment. Within a half hour, the doctor called. He was willing to treat me. I hung up the phone, overwhelmed with joy.

It’s been a long road and now I’m doing much better. I began taking steps again with a walker and, more recently, using crutches.

Incredibly, I’ve received nearly $218,000 in assistance with my medical bills, leaving only about $8,000 for CHM members to share via the Gold schedule for pre-existing conditions.

CHM is a wonderful ministry of people who, to me, seem like angels on earth.

Life is the most precious gift we’ve been given, and I’m so thankful for this “second chance” at life.

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