Lake Lundgren Bible Camp, Pembine, WI

Lake Lundgren Bible Camp (LLBC), a 77-year-old ministry, has recently joined Christian Healthcare Ministries. LLBC is joining CHM and Brother’s Keeper at the Gold participation level.

“Joining CHM enables us to be good stewards of the funds the Lord entrusts to us. We like the idea of thousands of Christians and Christian organizations coming together to share one another’s needs,” said Camp Director Mike Hryshkanych.

LLBC was founded in 1935. It has grown from a single-week camp with 50 campers to a year-round camp ministry with a variety of family retreats and a full summer schedule of youth camps. Some 5,000 campers annually enjoy the camp’s 100 wooded acres in Pembine, Wis.

“We compared several health cost sharing ministries before deciding that CHM was the best fit for us,” Mike said. He’d heard about CHM from a local pastor and was especially intrigued by its ability to work with groups. “An advantage is how CHM handles monthly financial gifts for groups, which made it very easy for our bookkeeping.”

Before joining CHM in Feb. 2012, the camp’s finance committee thoroughly reviewed the options and ramifications of joining a biblically-based health cost ministry model. LLBC’s board of directors and staff asked questions via online conferencing, spoke with CHM’s chief financial officer and reviewed the ministry’s financial statements.

The LLBC group is comprised of five families—three of which have grade school-aged children and three with college and post-college-aged young adults.

Editor’s note: More information about LLBC is available here.

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