Q & A with COVID-19 survivor, Steven Thompson, Bonita Springs, Florida

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CHM member Steven Thompson took some time out of his day to answer several questions about his experience with COVID-19 and how his fellow members stood by his side.

When did you begin experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?

I had what I thought was a bad cold. My doctors initially diagnosed me with pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics. Three days later, I was back at the hospital because I couldn’t breathe. They diagnosed me with COVID-19. I spent eight days in the hospital; four of those days were in the ICU.

What was your recovery like?

It was long. I couldn’t see anyone, and I was worried about my girlfriend who had to quarantine alone. It took six weeks to get my energy back, but now I don’t feel any residual effects.

How did CHM help you?

CHM has always been very easy, fair and wonderful—and this incident was no different. I received discounts from my healthcare providers, and CHM shared my medical bills very quickly. I highly recommend CHM!

What did God teach you as you as you experienced COVID-19?

God taught me not to take life for granted. I never expected to be this sick, yet God was with me.

Is there anything else you want to share?

I’m so thankful I had CHM members to help me through this difficult time!

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