Renewanation, Vinton, VA

Renewanation is one of the most recent organizations to join Christian Healthcare Ministries with a group membership.

A Virginia-based nonprofit, Renewanation’s vision is to offer every child a Christian worldview. It aims to increase the number of students receiving a Christian education while decreasing the number with a secular education.

Since 2008, the organization has worked through individuals; families; schools; churches; businesses; Christian colleges and universities; and legislation to promote children’s instruction that builds righteousness and a solid foundation for life.

Melvin Adams, Renewanation president, said that the organization focuses on kindergarten through 12th grade education. “We are what we think and we generally think as we’re taught,” he said. “Our question to America is: ‘Who is teaching your kids and grandkids?’”

Melvin and Jeff Keaton, Renewanation founder and CEO, were familiar with health cost sharing ministries and had previously been CHM members; medical expenses from the births of Jeff’s daughters were shared by the ministry.

“My family recently had health insurance through my wife’s employer,” said Melvin. “We thought that we would save money, but the opposite was true. The subsidized premiums were affordable, but it ended up costing us dearly when we had to pay 20 percent of our medical bills on our own.” (Editor’s note: Christian Healthcare Ministries shares 100 percent of qualifying medical bills.)

The Renewanation team looked at health cost sharing ministry options and decided that CHM was the best choice for employees and their families. The decision was based on the fact that the ministry is debt-free and has streamlined operations (bills groups singly, handles the bulk of paperwork and negotiation with health care providers, etc.) Melvin added, “I have been acquainted with [CHM President] Rev. Howard Russell and other CHM leaders for years and I know them to be competent, professional Christians.”

Renewanation also recommends CHM group membership to its large network of affiliates.

“The current political climate and climbing medical costs indicate that health insurance prices will go up,” Melvin said. “As CHM members, we don’t have to worry about paying shareholders or intermediaries between us and our medical providers. We know that the money we send each month goes toward Christians’ medical bills.”

“My family and I have been participants in this kind of health cost sharing ministry for more than 20 years,” said Jeff. “It has been a very positive experience and we believe that will continue with our group membership.”

Editor’s note: Renewanation is a great resource for Christian parents, schools and educators. More information about Renewanation is available at

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