Young family attests CHM is “as good as it sounds”, Madyson Frick, Billings, Montana

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“At my 19-week appointment, the doctor noted that the baby’s heart rate was dropping too low for normal readings.”

My husband Ryan joined Christian Healthcare Ministries before we were married. We were wed while still in college and our income was limited. When the time came to find healthcare cost support for me, there was no question that I would also join CHM because of the biblical framework within which the ministry operates.

When we reviewed CHM’s program for me, we were most excited about the Gold level’s maternity program. As a young couple, we’re grateful for the advantages the Gold level offers to couples who hope to have children.

A few months after joining we received the exciting news that I was pregnant. I called the CHM office to see what I should do. Every CHM employee I spoke with was professional, helpful and kind. (Editor’s note: Please see our maternity page for maternity eligibility details.)

The CHM staff said I should obtain a global fee from my provider so I could begin submitting maternity bills to CHM, along with a completed copy of CHM’s online sharing request packet.

At my 19-week appointment, the doctor noted that the baby’s heart rate was dropping too low for normal readings. He ordered additional testing to see if further action was needed. We were sent to triage at the hospital’s labor and delivery department. Praise God, the testing done at triage showed the baby was fine; however, the additional testing and treatment were incredibly stressful and quite expensive.

We were nervous when our maternity costs were so much more than we expected. Yet the CHM staff helped put our minds at ease reminding us that our brothers and sisters in Christ are on our side and are faithful to share medical expenses. It was a true testament to the compassion and reliability of the ministry!

On July 3, 2019, I gave birth to our son, Preston, without further complication—praise be to God! We are so thankful for a healthy son and for the CHM members who supported us through this process.

Because the additional costs were eligible within the CHM Guidelines, CHM members shared all of our eligible maternity bills—which were nearly $22,000—and the ministry was very prompt with reimbursements.

Not only was a financial weight lifted off our shoulders, but the Christ-like way CHM took care of us during this difficult time proves its ministry focus. CHM might seem too good to be true, but it’s not. The staff and members far exceeded our expectations and are truly the hands and feet of Jesus in our lives.

Ryan has since graduated college and received a job with full-time benefits; however, we decided to stick with CHM because we love the program so much. What a blessing to be a part of Christians sharing each other’s burdens in the area of healthcare costs!

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