The CHM story as told by members

"It's Incredible To Be a CHM member," Says Mom of 10

Amy Roberts, blogger on, and her family joined CHM in God’s perfect timing. Her baby was ill and needed intensive surgery. The CHM family was there to carry them through.

Son's Miraculous Recovery Brings Father to Christ

His son had only 48 hours left to live and Kenneth was at a revival, pleading for a second chance. What God did next changed the directory of the Peterson family for generations.

FruitFULL email series

Love. Joy. Peace. Chances are you can probably complete from memory this Bible verse about the fruit of the Spirit. Come along as we dive deep into what Paul really meant when talking about these fruits.

Rev. John Wootton of Ohio Ministry Network

Hear Reverend John Wootton, Superintendent of Ohio Ministry Network, share his testimonial of using Christian Healthcare Ministries.

A CHM member story—Lloyd and Monica Cook

As third-generation pastors of a small Arizona church, the Cooks know what it’s like to live on a tight budget. It felt like they were going two different places in their life: Lloyd was pastoring while Monica was working full-time to provide healthcare for them. CHM brought them freedom.

Brain tumor bills are no match for CHM members

At 28 years old, Sarah La Croix and her husband weren’t expecting any extensive medical bills. Instead, she brushed off her headaches and other symptoms as side effects of a busy life as a nurse. However, when an MRI revealed a tumor growing next to her brain stem, everything came to a halt. Would CHM members be there to help?

Mother and son survive winter crash

Hear Heather tell her story and recount her “But God” moment. God cared for her and her family, from the first snowflake to her son’s safety and her healing.

Miraculous holiday healing

Sonya Lewis-Picon had no idea how sick she was. What she though was a normal cold or flu brought her a medically-induced coma with a machine breathing for her and a 30 percent chance of surviving. See how God worked a miracle in Sonya's life!

"The baby’s at the bottom of the pool!"

Every parent’s worst fear came true for the Olchesky family. Their daughter was underwater and without air for at least seven minutes and unresponsive. Hear how God cared for Olchesky family and how faithful CHM members shared over $88,000 in medical bills.

"A farming accident nearly killed me, but God held my hand"

It would have been easy for Laurie Hayn to call it quits after a farm combine accident took both her left arm and leg. But when her doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk, she said, “Watch me.” God was holding her hand.

Three families share their "glory to God" stories

Listen as three families come together to discuss why they joined the ministry and how it has been there for them through falling of a roof, having a baby, skull fractures and more

30 years of CHM membership: What we learned

Over the 30 years the Dobraskas have been CHM members, they have faced a multitude of injuries and illnesses. Hear the Dobraskas’ tell their story of CHM’s faithfulness and over $150,000 in shared medical bills.

"CHM has been more than we could imagine"

When the Park family joined CHM, they hoped that they would never have to use it. But that all changed when Glenn fell eight feet off a roof. Hear Mistie and Glenn’s story of CHM’s faithfulness and how they received 90 percent discounts on their medical bills!

"God is faithful to provide": Run the Race scriptwriter shares CHM story

God gives everyone dreams, and the McEntires had two dreams: Jake wanted to see his script for Run the Race on the big screen and Charity wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Would CHM enable them to pursue their dreams and share for the birth of their baby boy?

A doctor's perspective on CHM

Dr. Ryan and his wife, Jonna, built The Physician’s Practice from the ground up. Then, the unexpected happened: Jonna was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Learn a doctor’s thoughts on CHM and see how CHM members shared over $180,000 in cancer medical bills for Jonna.

CHM member and author suffers mysterious illness
Despite normal test results, missionary and author Kimberly Rae Thigpen struggled with debilitating health issues. All she could see was lifelong disability and an overwhelming stack of prescriptions. But God had different plans.
Roadside delivery: Born in a car

The Pettijohn clan is a multigenerational “CHM family.” CHM members shared medical bills for Tiger. His son and daughter-in-law Jon and Lesia experienced the blessings of CHM’s Gold maternity program for each of their children, including one born in an unexpected place.

Not taking a pass on life

John Perona won the opportunity of a lifetime: an all-expense-paid trip to represent the Tennessee Titans at the NFL draft. Shortly after receiving that news, his doctors found a tumor on his left kidney. Diagnosis? Cancer, and it needed a quick removal.

Defeating cancer: a child's fight against leukemia

Not long after their two-week-old son passed away, the Standring family learned that their two-year-old daughter, Mazy, had leukemia. They tell their story of God's faithfulness through CHM members sharing over $400,000 in cancer treatment costs!

Ain't that a kick in the head

Jennifer Johnson shares her story about an ornery horse, a painful concussion and how her fears about expensive medical costs were put to rest by CHM.

Las Vegas shooting survivors share their CHM story

Jeff Christerson and his girlfriend were attending a music festival when the unthinkable happened: a shooter opened fire, killing 58 and leaving more than 850 wounded. Jeff explains how CHM members shared his medical bills and is grateful for God's “second chance at life.”

A new heart

Hear Cliff and Saranne Wilson's story of a heart transplant and over $400,000 in medical bills.  In Saranne’s words: "It was just such a relief to know that financial burden was going to be taken care of.”

Mount of the Holy Cross Journey

CHM member Matthew Smith and his climbing partner, Tommy, spent two deadly nights trapped by a blizzard. Matthew recounts how God sustained him on the mountain and how CHM members shared his medical bills.

With God, "it's a beautiful masterpiece"

CHM staff member Dreama Whitlow walks through her cancer journey, reflects on what she learned, and shares how CHM members shared her medical bills totaling more than $180,000.

The Benham Brothers: Why we chose CHM

As entrepreneurs, brothers David and Jason Benham along with their wives Lori and Tori share why joining CHM makes sense to them practically, financially and biblically.

"Less than a year to live"

Barb and her husband, Brian, share their journey of stage four liver cancerkand express their gratitude for CHM members sharing about $150,000 after nearly $150,000 in discounts.

Six members speak about CHM

Six families from across the country detail their experience using CHM and how fellow members shared their healthcare costs. Hear about the advantages and unexpected blessings they received during their medical incidents.

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