The CHM story as told by members

The Hills (Ada, MI)

Intending to return to Uganda where they serve as missionaries, the Hill family rejoiced as they learned they would give birth after their arrival. Concerned about their pregnancy being on the heels of a miscarriage, doctors encouraged them to remain in the United States for their baby’s birth. Complications ensued, including a less than 10-minute survival window for both mother and son. See how the Hills learned about God’s involvement in their lives and His provision of $300,000 through CHM members for the birth of their son, Joshua.

The Standrings (American Fork, UT)

Not long after their two-week-old son passed away from a heart defect, the Standring family learned that their two-year-old daughter, Mazy, had leukemia. Watch this video to see how the Standrings learned many valuable lessons during this stressful time and how they witnessed God's faithfulness through CHM members sharing over $400,000 in cancer treatment costs!

Jennifer Johnson (Lakeside, CA)

It was a dark and stormy night when Jennifer Johnson put on a head lamp, headed out to feed her friend’s horse and was kicked in the head. This is Jennifer’s story about an ornery horse, a painful concussion and how her fears about expensive medical costs were put to rest by the help she received as a CHM member.

Jeff Christerson (Aptos, CA)

Jeff Christerson was attending a music festival with his girlfriend and her family when the unthinkable happened: a shooter opened fire on the Las Vegas crowd, killing 58 and leaving more than 850 wounded. Jeff explains how CHM members shared $11,000 and is grateful to God for his “second chance at life.”

Foothills Christian Church (El Cajon, CA)

A dangerous delivery. A three-week NICU stay. Four months of hospice care. Severe brain damage leading to cerebral palsy. A praying church looking to God for healing and to CHM for financial help. Watch the Hoffman family and Foothills Christian Church’s pastors tell their miraculous story about the greater body of Christ rallying to bless their family and share over $224,000 in medical bills.

Saranne Wilson (Lakeside, CA)

Hear the compelling story of Cliff and Saranne Wilson, who faced a heart transplant and over $400,000 in medical bills. After large discounts, all the bills were shared through CHM’s Gold schedule and Prayer Page programs for pre-existing conditions. In Saranne’s words: “We received financial support from the Prayer Page, and it was just such a relief to know that financial burden was going to be taken care of. And it was.”

The Barradas Family (Yuma, AZ)

CHM members Janelle and Esteban Barradas share their story about how CHM helped share for their maternity medical costs.

Matthew Smith (Colorado Springs, CO)

CHM member Matthew Smith of Colorado Springs, along with his climbing partner, Tommy, spent two nerve-wracking and potentially deadly nights trapped by a blizzard on Mount of the Holy Cross in Colorado. From getting lost in the wilderness to experiencing frostbite to a dramatic helicopter rescue, Matthew recounts how God sustained him on the mountain and orchestrated the events that saved his life and the role CHM members played in sharing his medical bills.

Dreama Whitlow (Massillon, OH)

CHM staff member Dreama Whitlow walks viewers through her cancer journey, talks about the decision she made to give God the glory in all outcomes, reflects on the lessons she learned spiritually, and expresses the way she saw CHM members share her medical bills totaling more than $180,000 after about $150,000 in discounts.

The Benham families (Concord, NC)

As entrepreneurs and leaders of their respective families, brothers David and Jason Benham along with their wives Lori and Tori, share the reasons why joining CHM makes sense to them practically, financially and biblically.

The Doyle family (Winter Springs, FL)

While in the midst of Barb battling stage four liver cancer, she and her husband, Brian, share their cancer journey, relay the benefits of being a CHM member and express their gratitude for CHM members sharing about $150,000 after nearly $150,000 in discounts.

Members speak about CHM

Six families from across the country detail their experience using CHM and how fellow members shared their healthcare costs. Hear about the advantages and unexpected blessings they received during their medical incidents.

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