Understanding Christian Healthcare Ministries

CHM in a nutshell

It takes less than 60 seconds to learn what makes CHM the answer to your prayer for an affordable, biblical way to meet your healthcare costs.

CHM: the five-minute healthcare solution

Do you wish you could find an affordable, biblical solution to your healthcare costs? CHM is exactly that and more. Learn in five minutes the advantages of this 21st century ministry and how CHM meets the needs of families, ministries and budgets across the nation and in many foreign countries.

How it works

You may be thinking, Christian Healthcare Ministries sounds great, but how does it work? Learn about CHM’s program costs, when medical expense eligibility begins, tips for interacting with your healthcare provider and more.

Why it works

Christians have something different than the rest of the world: We have Christ as our Lord and the Holy Spirit who guides our actions. These are what motivate us and drive us to help other Christians and keep our word. CHM’s history shows that members have done what they said they will do. Learn more here.

CHM programs

Ready to join, but not sure which program is right for you? Learn what differences make the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels unique and how to choose the one that best meets your needs.

Brother's Keeper: safeguarding against catastrophic medical costs

Sharing eligibility caps at $125,000 per illness on CHM’s Gold, Silver and Bronze programs, but joining Brother’s Keeper increases sharing eligibility (ie. Gold members receive unlimited assistance for qualifying medical expenses). Check it out here!

How to submit medical bills

The Needs Processing Forms and itemized bills are required for CHM to process and share medical bills and must be submitted with each new medical incident. Doing so is easy when you follow the instructions included in this video.


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