Understanding Christian Healthcare Ministries

CHM: the five-minute healthcare solution

Do you wish you could find a biblical, compassionate solution to your healthcare costs? CHM is exactly that and more. Learn in five minutes the advantages of this 21st century ministry and how CHM meets the needs of families, ministries and budgets across the nation and in many foreign countries.

What is CHM and how does it work?

The mission of Christian Healthcare Ministries is to glorify God, show Christian love, and experience God's presence as Christians share each other's medical bills. Based on New Testament examples, fellow believers step in to help them using a accountable, definable, faithful framework. Learn how the ministry works in this helpful video.

The importance of the CHM Guidelines

CHM staff explains our Guidelines and the many ways they benefit you and empower you to share with other Christians and carry one another’s healthcare burdens.

How to submit medical bills to CHM

Submitting medical bills to Christian Healthcare Ministries isn't hard but it is different. Follow these steps to be sure your medical bills are uploaded and processed correctly and timely.

Knowing the CHM lingo: Incident versus illness

Two words we use a lot at CHM are “illness” and “incident.” Why is it important to understand these terms? Knowing what these two words mean will help you as you submit medical bills and understand your personal responsibility when medical events arise. For example, the CHM Guidelines state that your personal responsibility is determined per incident, and CHM shares $125,000 per illness. Learn more by watching this helpful video.

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