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Look who’s 40!

What CHM members do for one another is nothing short of miraculous. You're the reason over $6 billion has been collectively shared in one another’s medical bills. That’s a big deal!

It’s because of you that we’re eager to celebrate 40 years of service on October 1 with an all-out birthday bash on Facebook live— and you're invited to the party!

Join us on Oct.1 anytime between 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. (EST) for a birthday bash, including exclusive party favors!

But wait—there's more!

What's a party without giveaways? Three winners will be selected from the attendees from each of the four hour-long live 40th birthday events on Oct.1.

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HealthiestYou: New, valuable service for all CHM members

CHM is pleased to offer a valuable service for all members—regardless of their CHM program level—that will also reduce minor out-of-pocket medical costs. CHM members can connect with doctors free of charge over the phone or through video chat. Commonly addressed medical conditions include respiratory infections, cold and flu symptoms, allergies, skin irritations, and much more.

CHM members can also get mental health services through the HealthiestYou app. This is a tool members can use to get mental health services at fair-market pricing. (Please note: Mental health-related expenses aren’t eligible for sharing.)

Register your HealthiestYou account in a few easy steps:

  1. Download the app “Healthiestyou” in the app store or Google play store.
  2. Select “Register”, enter your name, date of birth, and zip code to look up your account.


Learn more about HealthiestYou


New version of the CHM Guidelines now available!

Medical bills submitted to CHM for sharing are authorized according to the ministry’s Guidelines. The Guidelines explain what is and isn’t eligible for sharing. Reading and knowing them enables you to fully enjoy the advantages of your membership.
In an effort to better serve our members, the CHM Guidelines have been reformatted to provide more clarity and additional resources. The result is a user-friendly format that will help members find needed information even more quickly and efficiently.


See the updated CHM Guidelines

dave tschantzWhy is CHM unique?

CHM was the nation’s first health cost sharing ministry. As the pioneers of this model and as its standard-bearer, our obligation is to continue setting the standard. CHM is guided by a set of 14 best-practice ministry standards. CHM Vice President and General Counsel, David Tschantz, explains CHMs best-practice ministry standard.


Learn more here

Five things you should know about CHM and COVID-19

The Church is the hands and feet of Jesus. We're praying for you... We continue to serve you. CHM continues to share eligible medical bills... How to get COVID-19 updates

As a CHM member, you’re part of a body of believers who serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Even when there’s no crisis at hand, every day we see members caring for each other. During extraordinary times, we've seen CHM members make extraordinary gestures of Christian love and goodwill. It’s our honor to glorify God by continued service to you, just as we have done for nearly 40 years.

…and we haven’t stopped since all of this began. We know that God has a plan and purpose for everything, but we also know that many of you are suffering physically and financially right now. Our hope is that CHM can be a beacon of hope for you in the midst of challenging times.

Please know that we’re still working diligently behind the scenes to serve you, even though some processes and procedures look a bit different. For example, some of our employees are working from home. Others are working in-office hours following strict health protocols that will keep our staff safe, so they can continue to share your medical bills and perform other essential ministry functions.

…and we can financially support any bills submitted for COVID-19—along with bills for other health conditions. The ministry employs strong financial principles, including operating within a debt-free mindset, analyzing and adjusting monthly costs to make sure medical bills are shared despite rising healthcare costs, and working with members and healthcare providers to secure the best prices for medical procedures. In addition, CHM's recent sharing time average takes 75-90 days once the ministry receives all necessary forms and itemized medical bills.

There are a number of ways:

  • Our coronavirus page contains the latest updates, including almost-daily “situation report” videos from CHM Medical Director Dr. Michael Jacobson.
  • Join our social media community @iheartchm for updates and encouragement.
  • Sign up for email updates about COVID-19 and other ministry news.

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